Turning Heads Since 1932
In 1932, Sam Gould opened a small hair salon in Memphis, Tennessee. His objective was to provide his clientele with a truly professional and unique fashion experience. Sam envisioned a chic, upscale ambiance, which was considered a Hollywood luxury at the time.

Sam’s vision was realized as his salons, and his name became a recognized signature in Memphis. His collection of salons grew and was eventually passed on to his sons Philip and David, who carry on his legacy of fine service and commitment to providing a unique, fashion-forward experience.

Gould’s Today
Gould’s has evolved into a renowned, full service salon and spa for the whole family. We employ hundreds of experienced professionals, and through our Academy, we educate and inspire the next generation. We are grateful for the families and communities that have supported us for so many years, and as a local, family owned business we remain exclusive to Memphis and the Mid-South.

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