Microblading is often described as an eyebrow tattoo.  In many ways this is correct. However, it is not permanent like traditional tattoos.  It’s not a henna tattoo either, microblading will last up to three years depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Although it fades faster than traditional tattoos you might as well think of it as a tattoo that will need touch ups every few years.

What is Microblading? 1

How Does It Work?  

People with thin eyebrows who want fuller looking eyebrows are the best candidates for microblading.  A hand-held tool with needles is used to apply pigments that look like additional hairs. Most people say microblading is more uncomfortable than painful, but it all depends on your pain threshold. If numbing cream is applied, you probably won’t be able to feel much.

It can take up to two hours to complete the procedure. Additionally, it can take up to two sessions to complete the initial microblading process.

What Will it Look like?

Initially, your eyebrows will look much darker than before. Don’t panic.  The first three days after receiving your new eyebrows they will look the darkest. Part of this is because you’re still healing. By days four and five the little scabs will fall off, and by day seven and eight you’ll see the results. Typically, eyebrows look 50 to 75 percent lighter than day one.

What is Microblading? 2

Is Microblading for Everyone?

Depending on your skin type microblading has different effects.  Oily skin is more difficult to work with. One of the risks with oily skin is something called pigment hydration, where the pigment fans into the other pigment. The strokes can blend and end up looking like a powder-filled brow rather than the look of distinct strokes. If you scare easily or retain keloids microblading might not be for you.

Whatever you decide, do your homework, think about how you want to look, and only work with a beauty tech who has extensive experience with microblading. 




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What is Microblading? 3


What is Microblading? 4

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