For the past several years now more and more beauty gurus have been sharing their talents on YouTube and Instagram. What was once considered to be an art of admiration, that few could experience themselves, has now become accessible to all makeup lovers with internet access. The vloggers’ talents and generosity has not gone unnoticed. Many have amassed millions of loyal subscribers. We took a closer look and found the top 4 beauty influencers to keep your eye on in 2018.

The Top 4 Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2018 1 


Colour Creep is the vlog of professional makeup artist, colour junkie, and lover of all things strange and unusual Kimberley Margarita. When you look through Margarita’s videos expect the unexpected. She produces a variety of challenge videos such as “One Palette Makeup Challenge,” “Random Shadow Challenge,” and “Random Colour Challenge.” In addition to challenge videos she’s posted a number of tutorials including: “Crystals Body paint Tutorial,” “Wintery Makeup Tutorial,” and “Grungy Glam Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial.” Margarita’s videos are not for the creatively conservative. She pushes the boundaries of makeup with complex colour combinations and her advanced application techniques.

Instagram: @KimberleyMargarita_   –  YouTube:

The Top 4 Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2018 2



Dulce Candy is with over 2.2 million YouTube subscribers is considered one of the top online beauty influencers. She’s a young wife, mother, and army vet. She’s been featured in Seventeen Magazine, The Stylist, Regard Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, People Style Watch as well as winning L’Oreal & W Magazine’s 2013 “I Am Worth It” contest. If you spend some time on her YouTube page you’ll find comprehensive makeup tutorials, reviews, demos, videos on hair, and even a playlist dedicated to Spanish speaking viewers. She’s recently expanded her video lists adding a home décor and renovations section along with a series entitled “Café Con Dulce” where she has what she calls “girl chat” where she talks about… whatever she feels like.

Instagram: @DulceCandy  –  YouTube:

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Carlie Bybel has nearly 6 million YouTube followers. She says the only thing she wishes to do with her life is inspire. She believes beauty comes from within. She started by sharing little makeup tricks she learned, and it turned into what she does full time. Her main vlog list is called “Get Ready With Me” where she takes her viewer through the entire process she goes through when she’s getting ready for different occasions. She also has “Follow me Around Vlogs,” “My Favorite Makeup Looks,” “Makeup Transformations,” and a challenge list.

Instagram: @carlybel  –  YouTube:

The Top 4 Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2018 4


Last, but not lease on our beauty influencer list is Nikkie Tutorials who has almost 9 million subscribers! Nikkie is another professional hair and makeup artist who has chosen to share her talents with the world. Her motto is: “When life gives you lemons, punch it in the face and ask for glitter!” Nikkie’s story is unique in that she first started making her makeup tutorial videos as an amateur, and she got so much attention that she eventually was contractred by a professional agency. Nikkie’s YouTube channels is solely dedicated to makeup tutorials; one might say it’s a makeup tutorial purest channel. Whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are Nikkie can show you how.

Instagram: @nikkietutorials  –  YouTube:

The Top 4 Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2018 5

The Top 4 Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2018 6

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