If your hair starts to lose its luster every time the humidity and temperatures rise, listen up. You don’t have to suffer this summer with a head full of frizz. It can be frustrating to spend time on your hairdo, only to have it fall flat and frizzy once you step outside in the warm weather. Instead, try following some of these easy tips to help fight the frizz this season.

Skip the Shampoo

The combination of high humidity in the summer and dry hair is what causes frizz. One way to stop frizz in its track is to avoid products that dry your hair out too much, like most shampoos. While completely scrapping shampoo isn’t the greatest option if you want clean hair, you may want to cut back on the number of times you shampoo each week. Shampooing every day may lead to extra dryness because of the way shampoo strips your hair of natural oil.

Summer Frizz Fighting Tips 1

Condition, Condition, Condition

While your shampoo bottle may be getting a rest this summer, you don’t want to stop conditioning your hair. With the right conditioner, you could begin adding moisture back into your hair and helping tame your tresses in the fight against humidity and frizz. Stylists recommend conditioners loaded with ingredients such as shea butter or glycerin to keep your locks luscious. Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to get even more moisture back into your hair.

Blow Dry Strategically

Another common part of your hair routine that may be making your frizz worse is how you blow dry. If your hair poofs up from frizz the moment the weather gets warm, you may need to change your drying technique. In fact, blow drying too often and at too high of a temperature can lead to damage and dryness, which translates to frizz. A better idea may be to let your hair air dry most of the time and use a blow dryer to touch up a few spots.

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Pick the Right Hair Products

Your greatest ally in the fight against frizz is going to be an arsenal of high-quality hair products that help keep your locks smooth and moisturized. Some stylists recommend that you start applying your products when your hair is wet, and then reapply for touch ups as it dries and you spot flyaway frizz. The top ingredient to look for is silicone, which can help in humid climates or on rainy days. Other top frizz-fighting ingredients are esters, natural oils or polymers.

See Your Stylist

The last solution to a frizzy head of hair is a new cut. Depending on your hair type and your preferences, your stylist can work with you to create a new look that helps reduce the impact of frizz. In addition to a cut, you can also check out some of the other professional salon options to help you fight frizz this summer. This way, you’ll have fewer potential frizz problems to start with.

You can finally get the summer hair look you’ve always wanted if you make a commitment to combat frizz. Stop being embarrassed by your summer locks, and start getting the hair you’ve always wanted.


Summer Frizz Fighting Tips 3

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Summer Frizz Fighting Tips 3

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