Barber Shoppe

NOTE: Barber services vary by location. We recommend that you call or send a message to your desired location to see what barber services they offer.

Cut & Finish

A tailored cut with clippers, scissors, quick dust, and a hot-towel razor neck shave. Optional shampoo and style to complete your experience.

Buzz Cut

It’s a buzz with one size clipper all over and a straight razor finish. We’ll wrap it up with complementary shampoo and scalp massage to wash away the loose hair and stress.

Edge Trim & Cleanup

Clean up around the ears and neck line with a clipper trim and a straight razor finish.

Hot Lather Shave

Lay back, relax, and enjoy a real straight razor shave. Indulge yourself as a steady stream of steam and hot-towels soften and warm your beard. We use the best pre-shave oil & lather to soften and moisturize your skin & hair. The Deluxe Razor Shave is topped off with a soothing post-shave toner and cool towel.

Head Shave

After bringing your hair down to the scalp with clippers we wrap your head in hot towels and prep with the finest pre-shave oils. Hot lather and a straight razor head shave is finished off with post-shave balm and a cool towel.

Beard Grooming

A beard and mustache trim. Wielding clippers, scissors and combs we trim, shape and sculpt your beard, mustache, and facial hair for a clean and handsome finish.

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