7 Tips for Summer Hair Care

Summertime is tough on hair, regardless of whether you live in a humid climate or a dry one. If you’re tired of trying to nourish your hair back to health every winter after it has been damaged by summer heat, here are seven helpful summer hair care tips that will keep your locks looking gorgeous even through the hottest months.

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Summertime is synonymous with hiking, swimming, camping and other fun activities. However, there is one drawback to spending so much time outdoors in the heat: your hair collects a lot of sweat and grime. Since impurities can damage your hair and contribute to split ends, dull color and other unpleasantries, washing frequently is a must.


Many people are dismayed to find that their beautiful hair turns into a frizzy rat’s nest in humid conditions. Tame your out-of-control locks with pomades and other humidity protection products to block humidity and control fizz.

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The sun can be particularly harsh on colored hair, so protect your locks and keep your beautiful color from fading with color-safe hair products. Leave-in conditioners and specially-formulated beach sprays can be applied to wet or dry hair to protect it.


Swimming can unfortunately cause significant damage to your hair if you do it frequently. You can limit the amount of pool chemicals your hair absorbs by saturating it with leave-in conditioner, hair oil or clean water before you get in the pool.


Ditch your hot irons and blow drier at least a couple of times a week, if possible. You can still achieve effortless, beachy waves by washing or wetting your hair before bed, then piling it up in a bun or braid on top of your head.

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There is never a better time to apply a deep conditioning product than in the summertime. Although your scalp is probably oilier than usual due to the increase production of sweat, the ends of your hair can really suffer in the summer heat. Some stylists recommend deep conditioning once or twice per week in the summer, but it really depends on the overall condition of your hair.


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Eating healthy is a great way to maintain healthy locks throughout the summer. It is especially important to eat foods that have omega-3 fatty acids, as they will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

While these summer tips can help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful, choosing the right salon products is half the battle. It is important to consult with a professional stylist to make sure you find the right salon products for your hair type. 

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