As the late summer days begin to make a transition into the crisp fall nights, it’s time to get started on your fall makeup look. Get ready for the cooler season’s makeup trends as your summer tan fades. Along with the cooler temperatures, it’s also time to consider adding some of autumn’s most popular shades to your makeup routine. Here are five ways to get your look ready for with fall makeup colors.


5 Ways to Transform Your Makeup Look for Fall 1


1- Create a Matte Look

First, it’s time to trade in your spring and summer dewy, shiny cheeks for a cool matte look instead. You can still give your skin some brightness with a little bit of cheek color in fall’s best hues. Choose fall makeup colors in pumpkin, crimson or light espresso to give your face a bit of warmth. Then, try some matte finishing powder to get rid of any shine.

2- Opt for Dark Lips

Another change to your makeup routine from summer to fall has to do with your lips. Summer’s easy, sheer lip stains should now be swapped out for deeper and darker shades. Choose bold lipsticks that create a matte effect. Colors like plum, dark berry, and a classic apple red are perfect makeup trends for this time of year.


5 Ways to Transform Your Makeup Look for Fall 2


3- Try a Warm, Smoky Eye

Next, it’s time to give your eyes some attention. With the cooler temperatures in the air, it’s time to elevate the drama in your fall makeup colors. Go with cool makeup trends like thick black eyeliner to start off with, and add top fall hues in your eyeshadow routine like dark bronze and maroon. Make a smoky look with additional shades of brown and black in your color palette.

4- Add Some Small Sparkle

As you start to dress in layers and get ready for the cold temperatures, one thing that can help warm up your look is a small sprinkle of sparkle. Subtle hints of glitter are making a comeback in this year’s fall makeup looks. Choose small amounts of gold glitter to accent your eyes to take advantage of this hot trend.


5 Ways to Transform Your Makeup Look for Fall 3


5- Update Your Fresh Face

The last of the makeup trends for fall this year is the no makeup look. If you’re not brave enough to go bare, focus on making it look like you’re not wearing any makeup. Pale gold eyeshadow and warm peach blush can easily blend in with your skin for a subtle fresh face.

This fall season, put your best face forward by incorporating the natural fall makeup colors. Then, follow some of the hottest trends to make a statement and give your look an upgrade.


5 Ways to Transform Your Makeup Look for Fall 4

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