Fall is the perfect season to reinvent yourself. Whether you are gearing up for all of the back-to-school festivities or you have plans for endless walks through the leaves with a pumpkin spice coffee in hand, you will want to look your best at all times. If you need a new style this fall that will perfectly complement those cozy sweaters and stylish boots, then it’s time to take a look at the top hair trends this season.

1. Crop It Off

5 Top Hair Trends for Fall 2017 1

After a breezy summer filled with beach waves and sultry ponytails, fall is the perfect time to simplify your look. Have a professional stylist crop your hair to one blunt length that will frame your face, giving you a stylish, sophisticated appearance.

2. Color Me Platinum

5 Top Hair Trends for Fall 2017 2

The color of the moment is platinum, and this fall is the perfect time to try it out for yourself. Regardless of the cut and style that you select, your hair will look stunning in shades of blonde, white and silver. It will allow you to make a dramatic statement against the deep, dark hues of fall.

3. Sleek and Silky

For a touch of elegance as the leaves start to change and the wind begins to get cooler, consider a straight, sleek look. This is particularly striking on those who have long locks already, but it can be pulled off by just about anyone who wants this classic style.

4. Timeless Buns

5 Top Hair Trends for Fall 2017 3

Autumn is a season filled with events, from weddings to harvest gatherings and galas. Before you head out on the town, ask your stylist to sweep your hair into a prim, timeless bun that will give you that graceful look you desire.

5. All Natural

Now is the time to be yourself. Embrace the natural texture of your hair, and work with your stylist to enhance what you have rather than change it entirely.

Whether you are in need of professional spa services this fall, or you are looking to give the gift of a rejuvenating look, Gould’s Salon Spas can provide you with everything that you want while pampering you along the way. Contact us today to find out which hair trend is right for you this fall.

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